All Four in the Air...

Freshened Paul Windish's 1976 Avanti...upgraded suspension, installed new weather seals, re-arched rear springs, installed new clock and added amp to the sound system.

Cleaned, rebuilt and resealed the power steering control valve.

New bearings in spindle, rebuilt king pin assembly.

Installed new bearings, seals and pin in the center bell crank pivot.

Installed new aluminum engine drive pulley. Adjusted the steering box.

Rebuilt power steering control valve. Rebuilt the power steering ram. Re-routed and insulated power steering hoses.

Re-arched the springs to obtain the original Avanti body rake.

Rebuilt front end suspension with Delrin bushings, new bearings and seals.

Re-arched rear springs with replacement of broken leaf (new leaf added on both sides). New spring bushings and spring tip inserts also added. 

Installed in new radius rod bushings.

Changed out shock absorbers to new KYB Shocks.

Removed the gov mandated 5 mile per hour bumper, re-positioned driving lights.

Installed new stereo system, new wiring with small profile amp in the trunk. Installed new clock.

Refastened carpeting. Installed new weather stripping on both car door sides and quarter windows. Polished stainless window frames. Adjusted door gaps. Brush touched paint chips.

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