Avanti Engine – Out With The Old – In With the New

Thom Gipe’s ’83 – retired the old, tired 305 engine, installed a new 350 Chevy.

Thom and Carole cleaning the engine compartment after the old engine is out.

Brad prepping the new Chevy engine.

Shiny brand new GM small block crate engine – 290hp – 350ci installed in Thom Gipe’s ’83 Avanti. Addition of new chrome air cleaner and it’s ready to hit the road!!

The present resto job for Thom entailed: Old engine removal Old computer and wiring harness removal New engine prep and installation Carburetor float repair and adjustment Installation of torque convertor lockup kit Sandblast clean/high temp coating on exhaust manifolds New heater hoses installation O-rings installation in AC hoses AC recharge

Additional Work:

Leaky core. If your core looks like this – expect windshield slime, fogging and noxious antifreeze odor when you turn on defroster. The fix is to find a radiator shop that will build a new same size - same type core.

Also cleaned main wiring harness connector and junction box. After a number of years on the road, the original GMC factory sealant used in these boxes turns to a gummy tar which can melt down into wiring junction. It’s a good idea to remove this residue, replace it with dielectric grease to prevent future electrical power problems. 

*Good article in Avanti magazine-Issue 160 - Fall Winter 2012 that addresses this problem.

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