Do Your Seats Have Pizazz?

Elk solid with perforated inset. 

Upholstery!! We're not impressed with the light weight vinyl and poorly fitting seat covers available from some of the US Stude vendors. Having car parts made and pattern work done overseas is not always a brilliant idea. 

Quality control is the biggest problem, followed by inferior materials. "Lost in translation" may be part of the problem, but certainly putting out well made, quality products gives your business an edge.

In our experience, the least headache inducing, best course of action when getting upholstery is to go to your local upholstery businesses. They can recover seats, make new door and kick panels and sew your headliners and bind your carpets. From the choice of fabrics and vinyls to the turn out of craftsmanship, you see what you're getting. No're part of the process.

While in Georgia,I found a local guy to do the upholstery on these Avanti pieces. He's been in the business for over 30 years and does it right. He was accurate, quick and knew how to place the padding and sew the seat gussets. It was a pleasure to work with him. I appreciate his professional business ethic and his “great” customer service. Fawn and elk door panel with black carpet lower kick panel

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