No Rest for the Weary (or is it the wicked?)

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

We rarely take time away from work. With cars waiting for their resto-turn, it's hard to justify a get away day. After the busy summer, we needed a breather which became a concord grape cruise down old Route 66. We hit up a grapestand for a big box of grapes (vino and jam are underway in the home kitchen), saw some nice vineyards and explored the local byways, touring some of the small towns.

We found this old pegasus, still flying in grand style next to a vintage car place: part show/sales lot, part collector's haven. Unfortunately, closed. Like many of the nostalgia businesses along this part of the route, Labor Day is the end of the season when everyone closes up shop until reopening the following Memorial Day weekend. Route 66 is celebrating it's 100 year mark in 2026. If there were ever a time to "Get Your Kicks on Route 66", this centennial year is a great time to hit the old asphalt. Many towns along 66 are planning celebrations with activities and visual presentations. It should be a good party!

However, anytime is a good time to check out this landmark roadway. Driving it's meandering, slow paced route is the perfect antidote to the hustle of modern life. There's beautiful scenery and quaint towns along the way. Ghostly remains of 1920s-30s era buildings populate the roadside landscape and there are some well preserved vintage gas stations along the road. There are still a few drive-in cottage motels - some have been kept up and some are only bones at this point. Vintage restaurants, Rt 66 museum-type businesses and old advertising signs can be seen here and there, but most of the businesses are long gone. Displaced and closed down when the Interstate highways opened, taking the traffic flow away from Route 66. The signs are a quiet and faded reminder of the bustle of this once busy highway. It's definitely a road less traveled, offering a glimpse into the automotive history of one of our most famous cross country roads.

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