R4 - From Wrecked to Custom Show Car

R4 Avanti Tribute Car Debuts at MCACN Show in Chicago

When a restorer works on a car like this, taking it from a front end hit with significant damage (including bent frame) to a full body and interior restoration with additional resto-mod work, systems upgrades, parts engineering and machining, it will be a lengthy process.

At Bez Auto Alchemy, you know you get in-depth restoration and in this case, customization from a knowledgeable repair and restoration expert. This hands on process however, does take time.

There is very little work that is jobbed out by Auto Alchemy. Seat upholstery, original to the car radio repair and engine machining being the exceptions. Everything else is done by Brad, in-house, which keeps the quality control intact.

The original conversion of the 289 engine to R4 was done a number of years ago. Brad reworked elements of the conversion, rebuilt the dual carbs, added AC with custom bracketry, installed a Novi blower to breath needed additional life into the engine. He upgraded the brakes with modern Wilwood brakes to tame the power of this beast.

Yes….this car runs like a demon and is so sexy!

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