Summertime Blues

Summer and the southern heat rolled in! Between 96-100 degree days and vendor order delays, there was a fair amount of frustration hanging in the humid air. Waiting on two long delayed orders: 7 months for one and a full year on the other. It's disappointing to deal with such slow responses from vendors. Can't say we'll order from them again.

However, work continued – good progress on the second restoration project – the R1. The engine in this car was hopped up from the original R1 to an R2 (with blower). It's a Stude-strong power house.

 Brad brought it back from this sad state to a fully cranking engine, rebuilt from top to bottom.

Have to admire these old 289s....they keep on going!

Ionized Bronze....the owner's color choice and we agree. High visual appeal with this paint. ...and don't let anyone tell you the details don't matter. Smoooooth engine compartment!

R1 engine and transmission seated in the chassis.

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