We Have Chrome Stories!

The holy grail search can be finding a re-chromer who produces high quality show chrome.

As with any part of a show car...it's the details of the prep work that bring home the trophies. This means extra hours of metals strip and repair, smooth copper bases under the chrome plating. Adequate wire brush cleaning of areas which aren't chromed to prevent flaking or bubbling. There's no way around it, attention to every little detail before the metal is dipped in the chrome bath, plus double and triple chrome dips are what makes show chrome expensive.

Most chrome shops produce single plate pieces. Show chrome is a small percentage of their output and volume production is their business model. Finding a shop that's willing to produce show chrome or even has employees with the knowledge to prep these pieces can be a hard and frustrating search.

We have stories! We've found a wide varience in what shops consider to be show chrome. The delays in finishing our car restorations, due to returns and replates of sub-par chrome work doesn't make our day.

Long story short...if you find a decent chromer - treat 'em good and never let them go.

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