We're Back!

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

After a busy summer and fall of moving and organizing a new shop, we're back in full work mode doing the business of resto and repair.

Here's the most recent project - started before our move and now almost complete. An iconic '63 Studebaker Avanti.

This frame and drive train were shown at the annual MCACN Show in Chicago. A fun exhibit for car buffs to view an Avanti frame with it's engine seated and lines installed.

Back home from the show, the painting begins in the pre-sanded and smoothed engine compartment. Avanti are notorious for rough fiberglass compartments.

Sitting pretty in the sunlight.

Black Beauty Avanti. What a sharp looking classic car. As you gearheads know, black is the hardest color to buff to a perfect finish. It takes extra body prep and after paint work to bring a black car to it's best.

Sweet blown 289 - R2 Avanti powerhouse.

Check out the snappy orange and fawn interior. Against the black body it pops and adds fine sizzle to the car. This one is a head turner!

Several of the rubber-type parts on this car came from Endurance Built Products. These are hard to find, well made reproductions. Floor mats, bumper guards, window vent gaskets, headlight seals. Repro headlight lens are available, as well.

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